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Why home school? Families decide to home school for many reasons. Most often there are concerns about what children are being taught in public schools. Children are taught that there are no moral absolutes, authority is to be challenged, and there is no God. In addition, public schools are an increasingly more dangerous place to be. There are drugs and guns even in elementary schools.

Why not home school? The reasons I hear most are that the children who are home-schooled will not have any friends since they don't go to school to meet anyone and parents are not qualified to teach their own children. The first objection is a very real danger. If you stay at home all day and have school and your children never get out of the house to play with other children, they will not learn how to properly interact with other children. In addition, a parent intending to home-school needs to be truly committed to teaching their child. It is challenging at times and requires dedication.

MCHSA exists to answer the objections to home schooling. We currently have over fifty families enrolled. We provide a monthly news letter filled with a wide variety of activities and field trips for the children and a forum for parents to discuss the challenges and rewards of home schooling and an opportunity to get help in subjects where they may need it.

Our Vision is to create a network of families who share their Christian and home school experiences together in order to uplift God, support each other, and develop meaningful friendships that will last far longer than the time our children are in school.

We strongly encourage families to get to know each other on a personal level so that they will be able to help each other in not only the academics of homeschooling but the other issues which come up in life that all home-schoolers face.

Presidents Dennis and Karen Kaptain 972-222-6020
Newsletter Editor Marilyn Sims 214-428-2998

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We meet at:
New Hope Church of Christ
2611 N Beltline Rd. Suite 131
Sunnyvale, TX 75182
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